I need an FAInet Account

If you need to be set up on FAInet, please email fainet@fai.ie with subject "Account Request". 

We will need you to provide the following;

  • FAI Garda Vetting Number
  • Full Name
  • Date of Birth (to eliminate duplicates)
  • Address
  • Contact Number
  • Club Name
  • Leagues Registering players for (please include if registering players into more than just 1 league).

Once received we will verify your details with our Child Welfare & Safegaurding Department. Once verified we can then create your FAInet account, issue your log ins & attach any support material needed.

Please note the sharing of credentials is prohibited. Please see the above protocol for new users to FAInet.

How do I register a player on FAInet?

To register a player on FAInet, please read the following Registration Guide > FAInet Full Registration Process 2019

I lost my password or I need a reset.

If you forgot your password please read the following guide > Passsword Reset

If you forgot your username please email fainet@fai.ie with the following; SUBJECT: Forgot Username

  • Full Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Club & League
How many accounts can a club have?

A club can have as many accounts as requested. However each account must be linked to an individual who must be FAI Garda Vetted. If you are not Garda Vetted with the FAI you can complete the following application form Garda Vetting ID Validation and Vetting Invitation & email a scanned version including 2 copies of Photo ID to fainet@fai.ie 

It is recommended that accounts are only set up for Club committee members (Secretary, Registrar, Chairman etc.) 

I need an FAI Single Player Registration Form &/or Transfer Form

You can find printable versions of the registration & transfer forms on the FAI website > https://www.fai.ie/domestic/governance/player-registration-transfer 

How should data be entered on FAInet?

It is important to enter the data of players correctly onto FAInet. This helps reduce the number of duplicated players on FAInet, can speed up the process of registering players & can prevent further queries. 

Please read the following guide on FAInet-Data-Entry-Best-Practices

Player is on FAInet already with another club?

If your player is on FAInet with another club, you must perform a system transfer. Please read the following guide on Player Transfers > Player-Transfer-Process

Have I registered my player correctly?

If you are not sure if your player has been registered on FAInet, please check the Application Overview. You can read the following guide in order to check this > Application-Overview-Guide

How long does it take to approve my player(s)? Who approves the player(s)?

If you are waiting on your player(s) to be approved in order to assign them to their respective team eligibility lists, please contact the league you have sent your application(s) to.


The turn around time of completing applications to having them approved by the league all depends on how often the league administrator on FAInet is active.

I entered the wrong Name/ Date of Birth of a player, Can I fix this?

If you entered the wrong information for a player on FAInet there are a few ways this can be amended.

1. If the player is still in process for league approval, please contact your league admin so they can amend the info before approving.

2. If the player is Approved by the league & is now on FAInet with the wrong info, you can then complete a Personal Data Change Application. Read the following guide in order to carry out this data change > Personal Data Change

A club admin cannot amend details of a player application that is still in process. Please notify your league admin or fainet@fai.ie if the above scenario occurs. 

How do I create a team?

To create a team please read the following guide > Creating-a-new-team

How do I assign my players to my team?

To assign your players to a team you must have the team(s) created at the respective age group & category of that team. 

Please read the following guide on assigning players to teams > Team Registration-Guide

Can I remove player(s) from an eligibility list? & can I delete a team created?

You can remove players from an active list & delete team's that are no longer required by following this guide > Removing Players & Teams

The 'Edit Player Eligibility List' icon is missing? I cannot edit the team? (the middle icon)

If you are are missing this icon, you probably need your account to be updated with access to the league you set the team up with.


Please email fainet@fai.ie with the league you need to register players to.

The 'Add' button is missing? I cannot assign a player.

If the add button is missing, it could be a result of one or two things. Firstly check your FAInet Level is set correctly. Please read the following guide to check this > Change FAInet Level

The other alternative problem is that your league 'Confirmed' the team. This will remove the add button & prevent you from making further changes. If your team shows as 'Confirmed' with a silver icon, please contact your league to un-confirm. 

How do I print my team signature form?

If you need to download & print the team signature form please read the following guide > Registration Signature Form (print & upload) 

Or, alternatively watch this video;Document Upload

I need to print/upload a signature form for individual(s). Rather than re-signing the full team again.

If you need to print a signature form for an individual or a select number of players in the Team Eligibility list, please read the following guide > Individual(s) Signature ‘Print’ Form

My league allows girls to play down 1 year on boys teams, can we do this on FAInet?

FAInet will allow you to add girls into boys teams if the league configuration is correctly set up. 

Please read the following guide on Mixed Teams guide

If this does not work can you please inform fainet@fai.ie of your League name, as we may need to change a system setting for that league. 

Can I upload documents to a players profile? (Proof of age etc.)

Any documents that you upload during an application process are attached to the application and not visible in any other process. The main reason is that those documents have the purpose to decide whether the person gets his eligibility or not e.g Proof of Age or further proof that he is a free agent etc.

Please keep in mind that the documents attached to the application are not updated over time & do not save to a players profile. As if you applied for an eligibility now, those documents would be visible in five or ten years for every league administrator, In times of GDPR this cannot be the case.

 For this purpose you have an additional upload within the player eligibility list. If the red icon appears (“player was not in my league organization last year”) then the league can contact the club and ask for more documents.

If you need to upload documents or update contact data of the player please read the following guide > Uploading Personal Documents After Players Have Been Approved Guide

You cannot upload documents to a player's application when still 'in process'. The application must either be rejected & re-entered with attached documents or else approved & follow the guide above to upload required docs. 

I have registered the same player twice (Created a Duplicate), How can I remove?

If you have the same player registered twice (Same name, Same Date of Birth), then you must notify the FAInet team by emailing fainet@fai.ie & include the players details. 

The FAInet team can then merge the players profiles together (usually takes 24 hours for the system to automatically update the merged profile). 

Can I import a database of players?

Yes, if you have a database of your players it could save you a lot of data entry time by importing this to FAInet. However you must copy your data into the template. Click here to download the .csv file template > Import Format

The file must be saved in .csv format in order to be imported. After downloading the file above, read the guide below & begin importing your players. 

Please read the following guide to carry out the database import > FAInet CSV File Import Guide 2019

Nationality Alpha-3 Codes > Nationality Codes for Player Import

League Organisation List > League Organisation List 

Can I export a database of my players from FAInet?

Yes, if you have an FAInet account please log in & follow the steps in the following guide > Club Eligibility List Guide (Export Database)

Can I upload player profile photos?

Yes, if you have an FAInet account please log in & follow the steps in the following guide > Uploading Player Profile Photo

However, please only upload images that you have permission to use & hold all rights to the photos. 

How is age eligibility calculated? What age group should my players be registered to?

Age eligibility is calculated as follows;

The player cannot be older than the age they are playing at in the year the competition (League/Cup/Representative) ends.

Formula: (Year Competition Ends - Year the player is born = the Age group to compete). 

If the player is born in 2008 and they play 20/21 winter season, they are currently U13 as the season will end in 2021 (May/June 2021).

If the player is born in 2008 and play the current calendar season, they are currently U12 as the season ends in 2020 (Oct/Nov).

The FAI Rule states: In all under-age competitions under the jurisdiction of the Association and its affiliates, age eligibility shall be calculated from January 1st of the season in which the competition finishes.