What is my responsibility on FAInet?

As a league administrator on FAInet your account could have multiple functions depending on your role within your league.
Most FAInet League Admin accounts are for the sole purpose of managing Registrations. Other accounts have more control such as Competition Management, Referee Appointment etc. Your account is managed by the FAInet team. Please call/email your main point of contact on the team if you wish to use other functions of FAInet. 

How to manage Player Registration Applications & give Eligibility dates to a team.

If you need help approving/rejecting Applications or giving Eligibility dates to player(s) belonging to a team. Please see the following guide > FAInet League Admin Guide

I gave a Player an Eligibility Date incorrectly, can I remove or change the date?

If you accidentally give a player without a signature uploaded an Eligibility Date or maybe gave a player the wrong date, please see the following guide to Remove or Change the date > Removing a players Eligibility Date

Can I search for and check details on an individual player?

Yes, by using the Player Portrait function on your FAInet League account you can search for an individual player. Please see the following guide on how to access the Player Portrait

You will only have access to personal details of those players whose applications were sent to your league.

You can use the Player Portrait for the following.

  • Check to see if a player is on FAInet
  • Acquire FAInet Id Card Numbers
  • To check if a player has more than 1 profile on FAInet
  • To check when the player was last registered
  • To check if the player is Eligible
  • To check a player’s career (track previous clubs)
  • To check if a player requires a Transfer form or if they are a Free Agent.
  • To check historical applications, and if they are applications to your league you can re-view them to see any historically attached registration forms.

The information that can be acquired should only be used for League purposes.

How to manage my division(s) on FAInet (change Fixture dates/times, postpone, edit venues).

If your league is using the Competition Management features of FAInet, please see the following guide in order edit fixtures > Division Secretary Guide

Can I download a Report of my Leagues Player Registrations from FAInet?

Unfortunately at the moment the FAInet web system cannot produce this, however the FAInet team can assist you by downloading custom reports via IBM Cognos Analytics.

Cognos allows us to extract info from FAInet using an API of live Data from the system. 

Just email fainet@fai.ie with what kind of report you require and the team will be happy to help!

Can the league or a Club De-Register a player?

The De-registration of a player naturally occurs at the end of the playing season or when a Transfer occurs during a window. 

FAI rules do no permit a club or league to De-Register a player manually. 

If a player is accidentally registered to a club or an application/transfer needs to be revoked, please email fainet@fai.ie with this request. 

When would I need to make a Player inactive? What is it used for?

The Inactive list should be used to move players who are no longer playing for the team but were still registered to that team/league for that season (relevant to the eligibility list). 

It is important not to remove a player from an eligibility list once that player was registered & given an eligibility date. If the league & (or) the FAI needed to look back at a players historical registrations we would not be able to tell if this player was registered correctly or not to the team list. Therefore it is preferred to make the player Inactive as they would still show as assigned to that team/league. 

Please see the following guide to make a player inactive > Inactive List